Monday, July 25, 2016

The Toyota Mirai

Introducing the Toyota Mirai. A hybrid vehicle there is a turning point in automotive history.  The Mirai’s revolutionary power train has too power sources hybrid battery and the Toyota fuel cell stack. They provide electricity to the electric motor for quiet inefficient acceleration. Like most hybrid vehicles when cruising and decelerating. Some of the energy that would normally be lost energy is captured and stored in the hybrid battery for later use. The Mirai’s power train is the proven Toyota hybrid system.
The Toyota Mirai
Toyota’s fuel cell stack uses stored hydrogen fuel and oxygen from the outside air to produce electricity for powering the vehicle and charging the hybrid battery. The compact design of the fuel cell stack and the two hydrogen tanks. Allow them to fit underneath the vehicle this lowers the vehicle center of gravity and enhances its cornering performance. The fuel cell stack contains three hundred and sixty cells that work together to produce electricity. Hydrogen and oxygen entering the cells is broken down in combined in a catalyst containing platinum. This creates a chemical reaction that produces electricity and water.
The Toyota Mirai electric motor
Electricity is sent to the power control unit for powering the electric motor and charging the hybrid battery. And what’s even more amazing there are no CO2 emissions. The only omission is water. With a hundred and fifty-one horsepower and an EPA estimated driving range reading of approximately three hundred and twelve miles. The driving response in range is comparable to gasoline powered sedans. Hydrogen fuel has started a new era of Transportation. The hydrogen infrastructure is growing to meet the increasing demand. Today stations after age 35 and age seventy refueling pressures and Mirai can be refueled by both.
The Toyota Mirai stations
Feeling the Mirai is a little different than fueling a gasoline vehicle but the process is easy to learn. Mirai’s technology has been tested in harsh conditions from the deserts to the snow caps. It can start in  the extreme cold and help keep you warm. The comfort in the cabin. The touching details. The innovative design and a multitude of standard and available safety features.

Published: Patrik Jonsson


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