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2017 Porsche 911 R

Above all the 911 R stands for maximum performance. For extremely lightweight design. They are previously stood for racing. A Porsche 911 R stands for an unfiltered driving experience. The 911 R has a 500-horsepower engine that can rip up to 8,500 rpm. Very similar to the engine we use in our purebred race vehicles. Naturally it performs with a little strained to the weight of the car that weighs 1,370 kilograms of the full fuel tank, and the shapes the driver’s impression of the vehicle. It has some really powerful forward propulsion. We developed a six-speed manual transmission for the 911 R. Which has modified gear ratios and short shift paths, and response crisply forming a perfect unit with the car. In the 911 R we also offer the option of a single mass flywheel. This is the flywheel between the engine and the transmission. It gives the engine additional pet which is also a very fitting and very good for this engine and vehicle.
2016 Porsche 911 R 1


We have saved wait everywhere. We have thin glass windows in many exterior skin parts are made of carbon fiber. We have a magnesium sheet metal roof, which is actually an innovation in the automotive industry. We have very lightweight seats in the vehicle. We do not see any navigation unit in this vehicle or an air conditioner. We were able to pare down over five kilograms of insulation material in the interior, including in hidden, areas that is under the carpets, under the package tray and in adjacent areas. You can see this in the doors too – we have straps that are used to open and close the door similar to those in race cars. We have used carbon fiber and lightweight parts throughout the vehicle and in the drive-train this extends to the engine and wire harnesses. Which have made very lightweight for the car. And we eliminated everything that was not absolutely necessary. And so we realized weight savings that produced a vehicle whose driveway is around 1250 kilograms and that is I believe. The lowest weight that can be achieved in such a vehicle today.
2016 Porsche 911 R 3


The 911 R of 1967 was a special car and that this principle of lightweight design was systematically implemented. A produced a car that 800 kilograms with the power output of 210 horsepower. The car could accelerate to 100 km/h in just over five seconds and has a top speed of nearly 250 km/h these were sensational figures for the late nineteen sixties. Some serious measures were taken in the nineteen sixty-seven version of the 911 R. All materials that were not absolutely essential for driving. Were removed from the car. No glove compartment, no storage bins nothing more than a large tachometer, speedometer steering wheel and transmission. Etching every part was examined multiple times to figure out how it might be made lighter. Holes with the drilled an essential parts. So that some material could be eliminated and every gram of weight matter. Initially the 911 R was primarily developed to race in the Grand Teresa no races of those times. Certainly most familiar to the general public, i think is the record drive of 1967. The vehicle was driven for 96 hours at Monza. More or less at full throttle and it broke five World Records. Shortly thereafter the car finished as overall victory at the total Fox and this put the 911 R in the history books.  The 911 R model year 2016 has a lot in common with the original 911 R of 1967.


We find some of the classic elements in the interior of the 911 R. We have for instance reproduce the green numbers and all of the instruments that were used in the original 911 R instrument cluster. We also have a small three hundred sixty millimeter diameter sports steering wheel. With a very special design and a matte black finish. Naturally one of the prominent features is the sport bucket seats which we have equipped with a very historically accurate and familiar pipette upholstery pattern. This adds a very beautiful touch together with a very high-end leather on the sides of the seeds.
2016 Porsche 911 R 5


The training feeling in the 911 R is one that we never had in our GT vehicles before. Here we pair a nearly pure bred engine derived from motorsport. With extremely low vehicle weight and a manual 6-speed transmission. For this perspective it is a car that can be enjoyed along every meter of the road and I think that is what really makes the car special.

Engine: 4.0L Flat-6
Power: 500 HP / 339 LB-FT
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
0-60 Time: 3.7 Sec
Top Speed: 201 MPH
Fuel economy: 21.2mpg
CO2 emissions: 308g/km
Drive train: RWD
Engine Placement: Rear
Curb Weight: 3,020 LBS
Seating: 2
Cargo: 4.4 CU FT
Base Price: $184,900

The new Porsche 911 R:

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