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Ken Okuyama Kode57 Enji – Japanese supercar with a Ferrari engine

One of the most unusual Premier Automotive Week in Monterey became roadster Ken Okuyama kode57 Enji. Ken was involved in design projects of Porsche 911 (996 series) and Boxster, Maserati Quattroporte, Alfa Romeo several models, and the top of creativity – Ferrari Enzo and a P4 / 5.
Ken Okuyama Kode57 Enji – Japanese supercar
About ten years ago in Japan Okuyama created his own design studio, which is developing furniture, tableware, fashion accessories, high-speed trains, agricultural equipment, and of course, automobiles. The first machines Ken Okuyama K.O 7 Spider and Coupe K.O 8 were shown at the Geneva Motor Show in 2008. They are built for Ken Japanese engineering firm MODI, and its own little factory in Yamagata was opened two years later. At the Tokyo Motor Show 2013, the company reported a second model – a beautiful two-seater car kode9.
Ken Okuyama Kode57 Enji – Japanese supercar
Ken Okuyama Kode57 Enji – Japanese supercar
You do not look like appearance? Of course, the car is like on the Ferrari Enzo, and on the other models of this brand sixty years ago – an index of 57 is assigned the spider after 1957. The Monterey car appeared in the status concept, but small-scale production is assumed explicitly: the company says about the two possible versions located behind the front axle V12 6.0 engine prepared by the German tuning house Novitec Rosso. Power – 619 or 702 hp Engine manufacturer is not called, but just look at the blatant head units to establish their Ferrari F140 engine, which is installed on the model 599 and Enzo. Especially since the company Novitec Rosso just been forcing Ferrari engines: they put the Germans two Rotex supercharger drive and get the output to 800 hp.
Ken Okuyama Kode57 Enji – Japanese supercar
The experience of previous models can be assumed that the production version will kode57 little different from the concept car. That is, it has preserved and hung on the rear hinged “door-scissors”, and the front suspension with variable ground clearance (in the range of 45 mm), and leather upholstery and «super suede» Ultrasuede Toray. It is easy to assume, and the fate of the market model: the limited one hundred or so copies Party Ken Okuyama cars usually sold out lovers of exclusivity before the start of production. According to rumors, the first order for the car price of $ 2.5 million has already gone by boxer Floyd Mayweather.
The kode57 is an exclusive limited edition model that we invite discerning enthusiasts of sports car history to experience in the flesh.
Ken Okuyama Kode57 Enji – Japanese supercar
Ken Okuyama Kode57 Enji – Japanese supercar
Ken Okuyama Kode57 Enji – Japanese supercar


Front tread:1765mm
Rear tread:1720mm
Gross vehicle weight:1650Kg
Bore Stroke:92.0 75.2mm
Maximum power:620PS(456kW 612hp)/7600rpm
Option – NOVITEC ECU 702PS(509kW 692hp)/7600rpm
Maximum torque:608N/m at 5600rpm
Option – NOVITEC ECU 641N/m at 5600rpm
Transmission type:6-speed semi-AT
Suspension type:Double wishbone NOVITEC hydraulic lift system, coaxial spring/ telescopic damper
Brake type:Front carbon ventilated disk, 6pot caliper Rear carbon ventilated disk, 4pot caliper
Wheel:Front NOVITEC NF4 Forged 10.0J×21 Rear NOVITEC NF4 Forged 12.0J×22
Tire Size:Front PIRELLI P-ZERO 295/25ZR21 Rear PIRELLI P-ZERO 335/25ZR22
Body panels : Carbon fiber

Video kode57 Conference

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