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Audi Q2 2016 Review

Design Audi Q2

We’re here with the new Audi Q2 which according to Audi is a whole new class of vehicle. Crossover compact SUV we’re not quite sure yet let’s take a closer look. If I had to pick just one word to describe the new Audi Q – it’s all about the style. This is the first time that out he’s ever presented an octagonal grill on the front of any of their cars, and it looks great matched up with these angular big air intakes they’re not actually active on this car. Full LED headlights, on a really sculptural bonnet.
Testing the Audi Q2 0013
That comes through to the side, where it looks as if somebody’s taken a chisel and taking out huge suede of the side that’s not quite – everybody’s taste, but I like it. The wing mirrors are mounted low which gives you an almost coupe like styling. That’s mirrored with the roof line that drops really elegantly away to the back into what he called the blade.
Audi Q2 2016 2
This can be customized with different colors to suit your taste and brings us nicely around to the back of the car. At the back we have a nice discreet spoiler of the top. The angular design continues through these nice rear lights and the boot. And the bottom just in case you forgot it was an SUV. A nice big rear diffuser.

Engine Audi Q2

If you’re going to drive an SUV you want a little bit more power than this lawnmower unfortunately out he hasn’t disappointed here. At launch the Q2 comes with a choice of six different engines three petrol and three diesel and whichever way you go there range in power between a hundred and sixteen and a hundred and ninety horsepower. The one liter petrol which is the entrance model only has three cylinders. This is the top model it’s a two liter diesel and it produces a hundred and ninety horsepower.
Audi Q2 2016 3

Driving and Salon Audi Q2

So how does it drive. The answer is well. We’re driving the top version diesel which is a two liter producing 290 horsepower and it’s been paired with a seven-speed automatic s-tronic gearbox. I have to say, this is a pre-release version and that means there’s still a little refinement that needs to be done with the way that the gears changed. There’s a little turbo lag and sometimes it could be a bit crisper, but that should be sorted out before the car comes to production. Now, we really like the way the engine handles that certainly the power that you want and I feel is best suited to driving through towns. Which I have to say is what people are most likely going to be wanting to do with this car.
Audi Q2 2016 4
The q2 takes its interior from the a3 however you can brighten things up with a range of colorful personalization options. Now as we know without is everything comes at a bit of a price so standard get a 7 inch screen but this is actually the upgraded 18 screen it’s all singing all dancing it’s got a high-speed graphics processor and it’s basically like driving around with a computer in your car. Acute is operating system is designed to mimic a Smartphone and the touch pad has pinch to zoom controls for the maps. That was actually quite all good to use you can get the sat-nav with predictive text input which guess is what you’re typing based on your location. The optional virtual cockpit swatch normal instruments for another high-definition display there’s. An inbuilt sim card for internet connectivity to access various new services the social network and Google maps with Gloria street view. And if you don’t want to pay for any of these extras android auto an apple carplay let you use your phone’s operating system instead the tech doesn’t end there though there’s even more to make the q2 safe to drive.
Audi Q2 2016 5
So what is the Q2 and who’s going to buy it. Well I think it’s fair to call it a compact SUV. It’s clearly not going to appeal to people who want the bigger more rugged SUV like a Q7 and it’s not really quite small enough to fit into the category of a true compact car. For what it is, extremely stylish and it will appeal to people who want SUV capability in a compact car most importantly of all it’s still an Audi.

Technical data

1.0 TFSI1.4 TFSI COD2.0 TFSI1.6 TDI2.0 TDI
Fuel typeGasolineDiesel
Engine typeStraight-three, fuel injectionInline-four, fuel injectionInline-four, fuel injection, Diesel particulate filter
Forced inductionTurbocharger
Capacity999 cm³1395 cm³1984 cm³1598 cm³1968 cm³
max. power at min−185 kW (116 PS)/5500110 kW (150 PS)/5000–6000140 kW (190 PS)/4200–600085 kW (116 PS)/3250–4000110 kW (150 PS)/3500–4000140 kW (190 PS)/3500–4000
max. torque at min−1200 Nm/2000–3500250 Nm/1500–3500320 Nm/1450–4150250 Nm/1500–3200340 Nm/1750–3000400 Nm/1900–3300
Drivetrain, seriesFWDAWD(quattro)FWDAWD (quattro)
Drivetrain, optionalAWD (quattro)AWD (quattro)
Transmission, series6-speed manual7-speed S-tronic DSG6-speed manual7-speed S-tronic DSG
Transmission, optional7-speed S-tronic DSG7-speed S-tronic DSG
Curb weight1205 kg
max. cockpit load
Acceleration, 0–100 km/h10,5–10,7 s8,5–9,0 s6,8 s10,7 s8,5–8,7 s7,0 s
Top speed190 km/h (118 mph)205–208 km/h (127–129 mph)219 km/h (136 mph)190 km/h (118 mph)202–208 km/h (126–129 mph)218 km/h (135 mph)
Fuel consumption
Emission standardEuro 6
 Published: Patrik Jonsson

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